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David Armitage (APP Videos Tester) - Photographer Dwayne Tucker (July 28th, 2020)

$1285.00 USD

Videography for the below information along with break down of budget sheet for (July 28th, 2020 | 2:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. + Post-Production Editing / Producing of Videos) 

This invoice covers the following: 

  • Pre-Production (Consultation Fee Waived  ($0.00) - 

In this stage is the overall planning to conduct a smooth production. 

***Based upon the information provided, the goal is to create 15-30 second videos for 5 games showcasing quality 'to the point' instructional  videos of how to play the games for app. In pre-production the selections of what equipment to be used, the storyboarding of project and timeline is created. 

  •  Equipment Rental ($155.15) 

Nikon 24-70 F2.8 lens 

CPL Fiklters 

ENL-E15 Nikon Battery 

Gitzo 504 Tripod 

Manfrotto 501hdv fluid head 

Rode video Microphone 

  • Travel ($80.00) - 

Uber expense to and from studio rentals and to and from production location

  • Production ($425.00) - 

 Half day 1-4hrs / Full day 4-10 hrs - Half Day Rate Selected production of project 

  • Post-Production ($125 / hour edit = $625) - 

Here is where all the videos are uploaded, the audios are equalized, color codes are balanced and lastly, the videos are stitched together. Each 15-30second clip should take 45mins - 1hr to produce + an additional 30mins of exporting into .mov / .mp4 files.  

Turn around time for this project is 7-10 business days (Which should be much sooner!) 

***"Dwayne see below and see if you have any ideas in advance of meeting at short game area at back of Miami Beach golf club on Tuesday at 2.30pm.  

Game: Pressure builder

Equipment: Putter, ball

Time: 20 minutes

Benefits: Build confidence, perform better under pressure

How you play

• Set up a 3ft putt. Quite simply, your goal is to hole 50 in a row.

• Miss one and you must start again from zero… even if it’s the 50th putt!

• Pressure will build as you pass your PB and get into the 40s… can you hold your nerve?

• Once you complete the drill, move on to 25 four-footers.

• Hit that goal and try 20 consecutive five-footers.

Scoring: You’ve completed the game only when you’ve holed the required number of consecutive putts; miss one, start again.

Pro tip:

“Follow a routine on each putt; it will help you deal with nerves and make holing out feel automatic.”

Game: Full circle

Equipment: Putter, eight balls

Time: 15 minutes

Benefits: Hole more from short range, build pressure immunity, improve feel for slopes

How you play

• Place eight balls in a 3ft circle around the cup.

• Move around the circle, holing each putt in turn. If you miss one, start again.

• Having holed all eight, set the balls up again, this time in a 4ft circle. Again, hole each in turn. Miss one and start again with the 3ft circle.

• Complete this circuit and go again with eight putts from 5ft. Again, miss one and start from 3ft.

Scoring: You’ve completed the game only when you’ve holed all 24 putts consecutively.

Pro tip:

“Make this game harder by picking a hole on a slope. This forces you to hit uphill, downhill, left-to-right and right-to-left putts on each circuit.”

Game: Lag backstop

Equipment: Putter, driver, three balls, six tees

Time: 25 minutes

Benefits: Hone better touch and feel, reduce three-putts

How you play

• Place your driver 2ft directly behind the hole, across the line of the putt.

• Use the tees to mark out six putting stations at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30ft.

• Hit three putts from each distance. All balls must either go in or finish between the ball and the driver shaft.

• If any balls are short of the hole or hit the driver shaft, you must start over.

Scoring: You’ve completed the game when all 18 putts finish between the hole and the shaft.

Pro tip:

“Make the game more playable by adding a marker 1ft short of the hole, and striking each putt between the marker and the shaft.”

Game: Proximity

Equipment: 8i-LW, five balls

Time: 20 minutes

Benefits: Improve your ability to hit solid chips under pressure

How you play

• Choose five different locations around the green, within 20 yards of the hole.

• Calculate 40% of each shot length by pacing it off (eg four paces for a 10-pace shot).

• Your goal is to hit each of the five shots within that 40% zone. 

• Hit all five shots within the zone to advance to the next level – 30%.

Scoring: Typical levels: Beginner 40%; Intermediate 30%; Advanced 20%; Pro 10%

Pro tip:

“Keep a regular pace and routine on all five shots, taking as much care with the first as you do with the 5th.”

Game: Hole Out

Equipment: 8i-LW, bag of balls

Time: As long as it takes!

Benefits: Boost your belief you can hole shots from off the green

How you play

• Choose a basic chip shot in the fringe within 10 yards of the hole. 

• Keep hitting shots to that hole until you hole one.

Scoring: Beginner 50 shots needed; Intermediate 30 shots; Advanced 20 shots; Pro 10 shots

Pro tip:

“One or two goes at this can give misleading results, so play it six times and average your results to get a more accurate picture.”"

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